Credit Where It's Due: D.C.’s Forward-Looking Liquor Laws

R Street's Jarrett Dieterle wrote a piece for the popular website about D.C.'s alcohol laws. Despite the district's reputation as a haven for bloated and inefficient government, Dieterle points out that its alcohol laws are among the most liberalized in the country:

For those outside the Beltway, Washington is often a punchline for bloated and dysfunctional government. In fact, cynicism toward the nation’s capital often feels like one of the few truly bipartisan activities left in our country. But as a slate of recent changes in the District’s alcohol laws underscores, D.C. is a leader when it comes to forward-looking and rational drinks regulations.

Federal Prohibition was repealed more than 80 years ago, but most states still suffer under restrictive and backward regulatory regimes for alcohol. After Prohibition, states rushed to enact their own rules that either prohibit or tightly regulate every corner of the drinks market, and many of those rules still survive.... D.C. has proven an exception to this dreary state of affairs, as shown by a bevy of alcohol law changes that took effect in the District last week...

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