Texas senator pushes to abolish liquor store ownership limits

Jackie Wang reports for the Texas Tribune:

"Sen. Brian Birdwell is unsure of how many times his package store bill has been introduced to the legislature, but he knows it’s been at least five times — three of them by other senators before he picked up the issue.

The Senate Business & Commerce Committee voted 5-0 Thursday to report SB 750 to the full Senate. The bill, similar to one filed by Sen. Kelly Hancock, eliminates two Alcoholic Beverage Code provisions that critics say maintain an unlevel playing field for liquor businesses.

Right now, the Alcoholic Beverage Code limits individuals to five package store permits, which allow permit holders to buy and sell liquor. There are two exceptions: the rule of consanguinity allows immediate family — parents, siblings or children — to pool their package store permits together into a single legal entity, and then they can obtain an unlimited number of permits. Businesses established before 1949 are also exempt from liquor store ownership limits.

Birdwell, who introduced SB 750, said this is the only place in Texas law where familial ties are relevant..."

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