Wine Legislation Roundup: A Consumer's Guide to 2017 State Politics

Wine Spectator recently published a state-by-state guide to wine-related legislation for the coming year:

"With all the recent drama in Washington, D.C., it can be easy to forget that hundreds of lawmakers in state capitols are busy drafting and debating bills that could impact their constituents—that's you. The 2017 legislative season is currently underway in most states. And because the 21st Amendment to the Constitution delegates much of the power to regulate alcohol to the states, there are plenty of proposals that could change the way you buy and consume wine and other alcoholic beverages.

From the endless direct shipping wars to changes in blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) limits for driving to excise tax increases and exemptions to diapers and wine ice cream, here's a guide to the proposed laws now under debate...."

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