Controversial Alcohol Bill Clears Both Chambers of Indiana Legislature As Session Ends

A convenience store in Indiana found a loophole in the state's infamous "cold beer" and alcohol carryout laws, and the state legislature is apparently having none of it. They just passed a law (now headed for the governor's desk) that effectively targets the convenience store at issue, eliminating its loophole. Brandon Smith has the full store for Indiana Public Media:

"Lawmakers completed a temporary rewrite of the state’s alcohol carryout laws to address a convenience store that found a legal work-around.

Ricker’s acquired restaurant permits for two of its convenience stores. Those permits allow them to sell cold beer and hard liquor for carryout – which grocery and convenience stores have never been allowed to do.

Approved legislation creates a new carryout permit requirement – at least 60 percent of a retailer’s alcohol sales must be for on-site consumption. Almost all existing permit holders are grandfathered in, but Ricker’s is left out. They’ll likely lose carryout privileges by next April.

Sen. Phil Boots (R-Crawfordsville) wonders why the legislature is targeting Ricker’s..."

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