Pennsylvania House approves bill to sell state's liquor wholesale system

One chamber of the Pennsylvania legislature has approved a bill that would begin to transition the state to a privatized wholesaling system for wine and distilled spirits. Now the bill will head to the state senate. Mark Scolforo reports in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"House Republicans have pushed ahead a set of changes to how alcohol is sold in the state, moving to privatize wholesale wine and spirits sales and expand the retail outlets where booze is available.

Lawmakers voted 105-84 on Tuesday in favor of the wholesale divestment proposal, sending it with other proposals to the Senate for its consideration.

The House voted to allow more grocery stores to seek permits to sell wine, no longer restricting the permits to stores with seating capacity, and retailers would be able to buy wine from brokers in the private sector.

“Every day that passes that we’re not able to continue to update our antiquated liquor systems is another day of missed opportunities,” said Rep. Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster..."

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