Whiskey Trail, Day 2: Want to help manufacturing in America? Have a bourbon.

R Street's Kevin Kosar continues his tour of the American Whiskey Trail with another dispatch for The American Spectator -- this one from Louisville. At a time when policymakers are wondering how to revamp the manufacturing sector, Kosar points out that the drinks industry is full of such jobs:

We all have heard the story: manufacturing is dying in America. All the good blue collar jobs are moving to Mexico and China. America’s middle-class employment has been hollowed out — the few get lucrative white collar jobs, and pretty much everyone else is stuck doing low-pay hourly work.

There is some truth to this glum picture. U.S. manufacturing employment is down since 2001. But all is not awful. Indeed, in at least one line of business we are seeing a resurgence in American manufacturing: drinks-making. The casual news reader might intuit this much, what with the reports of American liquor production and exports booming.

But I got to see it firsthand during my visit to Louisville, Kentucky...

Read his whole dispatch here: http://www.rstreet.org/op-ed/american-whiskey-trail-tour-day-two/