Cheers: Legislature approves drinks by the glass at Iowa craft distilleries

Iowa's legislature has approved a bill that will allow craft distilleries in the state to mix cocktails for on-premise visitors. This equalizes how distilleries are treated in the state compared to breweries and wineries, which were already allowed to serve drinks on-site. Incidentally, many other states also have these types of restrictions on distilleries (including Virginia, as R Street's Jarrett Dieterle has previously written about).

Brianne Pfannenstiel and William Petroski have more on Iowa's reforms for the Des Moines Register:

"A bill allowing Iowa's craft liquor distillers to mix cocktails at their manufacturing facilities gained final legislative approval Monday, with both Democrats and Republicans praising the bill as a good step for economic development.

The issue has been under discussion in the Legislature for years as distillers tried and failed to advance legislation they say puts them on a level playing field with Iowa's craft breweries and wineries, which already are able to open lounges and tasting rooms where patrons can buy a glass of beer or wine made on-site...."

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