Oregon Liquor Control Commission starting new store drive

Oregon's liquor regulator is seeking to expand the state's retail options for spirits. Although not a full privatization of liquor sales, it could pave the way for quirky liquor retailers -- boozy bike shops, anyone?

Joseph Ditzler of The Bulletin has the full story:

"In 2015, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission embarked on what it called its largest liquor outlet expansion since Prohibition.

Nearly two years later, that expansion is coming to Central Oregon. The OLCC is opening a window for retail expansion, or “open recruitment,” as early as May.

Nearly anything goes. Knitting supply shop with a liquor counter? A whiskey selection in a sporting goods store? All reasonable applications are welcome, according to OLCC officials.

'It’s exciting. The process is pretty wide open,' said Steve Marks, OLCC executive director, on Thursday. 'You can apply as a retail grocery store, as a bike shop. Potentially, we’re looking at those kinds of innovations, in addition to the normal distilled spirits only or nonexclusive, beer, wine and distilled spirits stores.'..."

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