North Carolina House ABC Committee Hears Beer-Cap Arguments

Sarah Willets reports for Indy Week:

"The House Alcohol Beverage Control Commission discussed a bill this morning that would raise the cap on how much beer breweries can sell before they must go through an independent distributor.

The morning committee meeting included testimony from the N.C. Craft Brewers Guild, Craft Freedom, a group of brewers in favor of raising the ‘’barrel cap,” Charlotte’s NoDa Brewing Company, the N.C. Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association, and the Christian Action League. No vote was taken. The committee will revisit the bill next week, said Representative Chuck McGrady, bill sponsor and committee chair.

Currently, North Carolina brewers who sell no more than twenty-five thousand barrels of beer each year can get their own wholesaler permit and sell their own beer. Beyond twenty-five thousand barrels, they need to go through a wholesaler. These wholesale agreements are exclusive and can cost breweries revenue.

House Bill 500 would raise the barrel cap to two hundred thousand barrels per year and let breweries get out of distribution contracts when they see fit..."

Read more at: has previously linked to commentary and news surrounding the effort to "raise the cap" in North Carolina here, here, and here.