How cronyism threatens Louisiana’s craft breweries

In a state known for live music, drinking, and delicious food, Louisiana's new craft brewery regulations manage to threaten all three. Kevin Boyd writes for R Street about how the Pelican State's cronyism is hurting its breweries: 

"Louisiana is well-known its love of both food and alcohol. The state is a tourist destination for those looking both to enjoy excellent dining and to have a good time. Louisiana’s love affair with food has made its cuisine well-known worldwide. Meanwhile, New Orleans’ Mardi Gras festival has few rivals around the world.

Meanwhile, across the country, craft-beer breweries and so-called “gastropubs” have been growing. The craft-beer revolution proceeded at a slower pace in Louisiana, with Abita as one of the few local craft beers to gain national exposure. Much of the reason for this disparity is the hostility the state has shown to brewers, which is in line with its profile generally as a terrible state in which to do business, thanks to its high taxes and crippling regulations..."

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