The insidious campaign of ‘soft’ prohibitionists

R Street's Kevin Kosar writes about "soft" prohibitionism on the anniversary of the 21st Amendment:

This week’s Repeal Day (Dec. 5) marked 83 years since the dreadful social experiment of Prohibition finally was killed.

We think we live in strange times today, but what a weird era that was. Politics makes strange bedfellows, and it was an odd coalition that lobbied for Prohibition — some women, Christian fundamentalists, Nativists, racists, progressives, capitalists, socialists and health nuts. With few exceptions, these reformers all believed drinking was bad. Respectively, these anti-alcohol crusaders declared that alcohol made men irresponsible; humankind impious; immigrants uppity; Blacks violent; humanity retrograde; workers lazy; proletariat imprisoned in false consciousness; and human bodies, sick.

Thus far, it does not appear the old heavy-handed Prohibition will rise from the grave in America. So we can lift our glasses in toast to that.

But all the news is not good news, friends of the cup. Let me mention a few dour matters....