Alabama’s ABC is little more than a Prohibition hangover

R Street's Cameron Smith on Alabama's ABC:

With all the focus on Alabama’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) cracking down on sidewalk alcohol sales, it might have been easy to miss its stern warning about following alcohol regulations after what happened in Connecticut.

A “national liquor store chain, Total Wine and More, decided to ignore Connecticut’s minimum price law.” But the scofflaws in Connecticut didn’t stop there. They advertised the lower prices. To the dismay of state regulators, other stores announced similar discounts. Apparent pandemonium ensued until Connecticut reached a settlement where “Total Wine agreed to pay the state $37,500 and cease advertising and selling below the state minimum.”

Government imposed price floors should infuriate folks in a red state like Alabama. They’re yet another example of Alabama’s outdated alcohol regulatory scheme begging for reform. While Alabamians must follow current alcohol regulations and laws, it’s clearly time to change them....