Should we be worried about the big beer merger?

R Street's Kevin Kosar on the big beer merger:

Last month, AB InBev and SABMiller announced they had agreed to join forces. The proposed $106 billion deal would unite the makers of two of the best-known American lagers, Budweiser and Miller. Together, the two firms would account for a third of the world’s beer output and half the beer industry’s profits.

The deal is not particularly surprising, as beer mergers are frequent. AB InBev itself was the product of multiple mergers. Brahma and Antarctica combined into AmBev in 1999 and AmBev became InBev in 2004 by merging with Interbrew, the Belgian company best-known for Becks and Stella Artois. (Interbrew, by the way, was formed in 1988 through Stella’s acquisition of Piedboeuf Brewery.) In 2008, InBev bought Anheuser-Busch and AB InBev was born....