Your brewery is successful. Now hand it over!

Greg Pulscher writes for the Civitas Institute:

"Can you name an industry that is forced to hand over all sale rights if too many people enjoy its product? That is, punished because it’s too creative, innovative and successful?  In North Carolina, it is the local craft brewing industry being punished with a state law handcuffing its very growth.

"Craft Freedom events held across the state of North Carolina last week turned out opposition to North Carolina’s archaic distribution cap law. The law places a 25,000-barrel cap on self-distribution. Once a brewery produces 25,000 barrels of beer it is forced to hand over 100% of all distribution rights to a third-party distributor.

"This cap is anti-competitive from its roots, as it stymies growth for all North Carolina brewers, violates the rights of brewers and beer drinkers, and undermines the freedom of association...."

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