How a Homemade Blend Became One of America’s Most Coveted Bourbons

Aaron Goldfarb writes over at PUNCH about a homemade whiskey blend that has become an underground sensation. Homemade blends raise all sorts of interesting legal and regulatory issues about whether individuals can and should be allowed to make such products in their own home. The full article is worth a read:

"To acquire the hottest bottle of bourbon at the moment, you don’t go to a store. You don’t head to a distillery either. You don’t even put your name on some secret list or enter some special lottery. What you do is convince one of your whiskey-collecting Facebook friends to introduce you to a guy named Danny Strongwater (not his real name) from Southern California.

"I first became aware of “California Gold” at a private whiskey tasting I attended this past November. All the big bottles were present—the full Van Winkle line, every Buffalo Trace Antique Collection offering, John E. Fitzgerald Very Special Reserve and plenty of well-aged Willett ryes. What wowed everyone most, however, was a squat bottle with a white HP LaserJet label adorned with blurry clipart images of stars and arched olive branches and a sticker on the neck reading “CA Gold.” Extremely rich and complex, California Gold is a secret, homemade blend of commercially released whiskeys that has become an underground sensation..."

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