The New Gender Battle: Tampons v. Whiskey

R Street Institute's Steven Greenhut writes about recently proposed California legislation that would raise alcohol taxes:

It’s getting increasingly difficult to mock the California Legislature given the fusillade of nearly unbelievable legislation that makes its way through the Capitol’s hallowed halls. In the old days, when California had enough legislative Republicans and moderate Democrats to temper things, zany bills would be introduced only to die in committee. These days, the crazy stuff almost always makes it to the governor’s desk.

"With the introduction of a new tax bill last week, the Legislature has officially gone beyond parody. Seriously, I had to double check the quotations in the official press release to make sure someone wasn’t pulling my leg. The bill, A.B. 479, promotes gender equality by reducing taxes on tampons and diapers and then significantly raising them on one of the few escape mechanisms left for Californians — alcoholic beverages....

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