Who's Buying Bev Alc Online?

Wine & Spirits Daily reports:

"Nearly 70% of US consumers are regular buyers of beverage alcohol, and about 12% of them made their alcohol purchases online in the past six months, according Nielsen's Harris Poll. Wine had the highest percentage of online purchases at 42%, then spirits (35%) and beer (29%).

"WHO'S BUYING ONLINE? The typical online alcohol buyer is higher-earning, younger (average age of 39), male (77%) and employed full time (71%). Most of the online purchases were made from customers in the Northeast (31%) in urban areas (56%). While most of the in-store only consumers were in the South (34%), 51% female at an average age of 49.

"Taking a closer look at the online purchases, 50% of respondents said what they ordered online was picked up at a store. For those that chose at-home delivery, the wait time on the online purchases varied..."

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