R Street Institute's Kevin Kosar interviewed about alcohol by the Here's How I Think This Works podcast

R Street's Kevin Kosar was recently interviewed about illogical liquor laws and his new book Moonshine: A Global History

On Episode 3 of Here’s How I Think This Works, Eric, Adam, and Cameron discuss alcohol, its origins, its effects, and its many delicious forms. We’ll debate which variety came first, theorize how it might have been discovered, and question how anyone ever drank enough of the original rotgut to realize it could get you drunk. After the break, expert Kevin Kosar will share some wisdom from his new book “Moonshine: A Global History,” give us some guidance on developing your palate, and get us all worked up about illogical liquor laws.

Listen to the podcast at http://www.hhittw.com/?p=683 and https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/heres-how-i-think-this-works/id1212039096.