Texas lawmaker files bill to lift "ridiculously anti-competitive" ban on out-of-state wine sales

Jeremy Parzen writes:

"Last week, in a move that took wine industry observers by surprise, Texas state lawmaker Matt Rinaldi, a Republican from Dallas County, filed a bill that would lift a long-standing ban prohibiting out-of-state retailers from shipping wines to consumers here.

"Currently, it is illegal for an out-of-state wine shop to sell and ship wines to Texans. In other words, if you live in Texas, you cannot call or email a wine shop in New York or San Francisco and ask the merchant to sell and ship you its products. If Rinaldi's bill were to be approved by the Texas legislature, it would mark a historic break from a restrictive policy that regulates how Texans buy their wines.

"The bill is expected to face stiff opposition by the Texas beer, wine, and spirits wholesaler and retailer lobbies...."

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