Indiana's Warm Beer Law Survives Again


We've been monitoring the latest efforts to reform Indiana's alcohol laws--particularly the state's infamous warm beer law and its strict prohibition on Sunday booze sales. A state legislative commission recently passed a recommendation to allow Sunday sales, but a vote on whether to recommend allowing gas stations and grocery stores the ability to sell cold beer failed by the narrowest of margins:

"The prospect of getting a cold six-pack at your local grocery store has once again fallen flat.

After a nail-biter vote, a panel working to revise Indiana’s alcohol laws will not recommend allowing pharmacies, grocers and convenience stores to sell cold beer — something that has long been the well-protected province of liquor stores. 

The recommendation failed even though the vote was 8-7 in favor. That's because 9 of the 17 members had to vote in favor of the recommendation for it to pass. Two members — Gina-Gail Fletcher and Alex Huskey — were absent. 

The tight vote was even more dramatic because one member — Judge William Boklund — switched his vote in the middle of the roll call, joining proponents of cold beer access.

The result was a big blow for consumers who want to be allowed to buy cold beer for carryout at convenience, grocery and drug stores. Right now, only liquor stores are permitted to sell cold beer for carryout in Indiana, with few exceptions...."

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