The Many Restrictions on Transporting and Shipping Alcohol


As has been covered extensively here at, states are more aggressively cracking down on interstate shipments of wine and other alcohol. The Beverage Media Group has published a guide looking at these and other restrictions on transporting alcohol--whether by plane, train, automobile, or mail:

"Sometimes, being 'in the biz,' one forgets just how different wine is from the bulk of consumer products. We all know why: alcohol. Beyond the fundamentals—age restriction and tax collection—however, the general public is barely aware of how deeply and disparately wine is regulated.
Nowhere is this more evident than with shipping. When Americans order clothes or send gifts on the internet, parcels are dispatched with minimal fuss. But for those used to instant gratification, alcohol is a frustrating exception. Sending a bottle of local gin home from vacation or ordering vintage Champagne for an anniversary can be complicated—or impossible.
And unfortunately, this reality check is apt to happen at the point of sale, leaving the retail merchant responsible for explaining the frustrating truth. Here are the legalities of getting alcohol from one place to another, to help retailers understand the options from a consumer perspective..."

Read the rest of the breakdown here.