Could Indiana finally embrace Sunday alcohol sales?


Several states still labor under so-called "blue laws" which ban at least some Sunday alcohol sales. Indiana may be the most notorious, however, since the Hoosier State prohibits all forms of carryout alcohol sales on Sundays. But the IndyStar reports that there's now renewed hope for reforming this outdated restriction:

"If you've been frustrated by Indiana's ban on Sunday alcohol sales, there may be hope on the horizon.


A key lawmaker who has blocked such efforts in the past says he is drafting a bill that would allow grocery stores and other retailers to sell alcohol for carryout on Sundays.

'I think it’s time for Sunday sales,' said Sen. Ron Alting, R-Lafayette, chairman of the Senate Public Policy Committee.

But the devil will be in the details. Big questions remain on what conditions the bill might place on Sunday sales. Alting said it is too early to get into the specifics of the legislation.

While bills pushing for Sunday sales have been filed in the past, Alting has never allowed them to get a hearing in his committee, the first stop in the Senate for most alcohol legislation.

Both Senate leader David Long and House Speaker Brian Bosma said recently they, too, support Sunday sales..."

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