Could Michigan's Half-Mile Liquor Store Rule Be Revived?


Michigan's Liquor Control Commission recently repealed the state's "half-mile rule," which prevented liquor stores in the state from operating within a half-mile radius of each other. According to Michigan Capitol Confidential, there's a chance the state legislature could override this reform:

"The state of Michigan is believed to have been the only state in the country that imposed a peculiar prohibition on one liquor store being located within a half-mile of another liquor store.

That changed when the Michigan Liquor Control Commission rescinded the restriction on Sept. 26. But it could be reinstated if two bills pending in the Michigan Legislature are passed and signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. They would override the commission’s decision and restore the half-mile restriction.

Jarrett Skorup, the author of a study published by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy on how licensing laws hurt consumers, testified before a House committee on the legislation.

Skorup said other kinds of businesses operate without a law banning competitors from operating within a half mile.

'Meijer isn’t real happy when a Kroger operates nearby and they would love a law that prevents them from doing so, but the Legislature won’t pass that because we believe in the spirit of competition.'..."

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